What is Helio-KNOW?

The Heliophysics KNOWledge Network (Helio-KNOW) is the collection of software and systems for improved information representation in Heliophysics, and the commons for the community to use and collaborate through them. Helio-KNOW is the technological framework for a more informed, participatory, and collaborative Heliophysics community.

The world is increasingly interconnected and complex. The information our world now creates has placed discovery at our fingertips, but ironically the sheer amount of those data (the volume, the sources, the heterogeneity) is a crippling deluge. How do we better handle this information overload and instead harness the power of these data?


The complexity and variability of the solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere (SWMI) system, particularly the auroral high latitudes, represents a pressing challenge to the fundamental understanding of the Heliophysics system. Among the most important and yet uncertain aspects of the SWMI system is energy and momentum coupling between regions, which is accomplished by electromagnetic fields, or Poynting Flux (PF), and the transfer of charged particles.

The Heliophysics KNOWledge Network (Helio-KNOW) is a new and possibly disruptive data analytic approach for a system-level understanding and prediction of MI coupling phenomena, applicable to our diverse multi-point, multi-parameter, sparsely-sampled SWMI datasets.

What is this repository?

It is both the tools (the technology) and the commons (the community exchange) to produce open, reproducible, and scalable Heliophysics science.

The tools are the software to develop Helio-KNOW.

The commons are the interaction via comments, issue tracking, pull requests. All are encouraged to contribute, improve, expand.

More information

More information about Helio-KNOW (funded through the NASA Heliophysics Early Career Investigator Program (ECIP)) can be found under 'Ryan McGranaghan' here.

Finally, there is a Wiki page for this repo where resources and updates are posted.